Baby Gender Testing to Find Out the Sex of the Baby

Baby gender testing allows you to know the sex of your baby at early stages in pregnancy. The joy of being pregnant and experiencing those nine months is just indescribable. It is indeed an exciting time and of course, at this moment, couples are usually compiling a list of boy’s names and girl’s names and making many other decisions.  A baby gender prediction test can make things easier, more convenient and just as exciting. All the more this is so with newly available baby gender DNA testing that is blood-based, using just a tiny, finger prick.

Baby Gender Testing with Maternal Blood

The most accurate and up-to-date test to determine baby gender is a DNA test using a sample of maternal blood. Maternal urine will contain traces or fragments of fetal DNA. The fetal DNA gets filtered out into the blood stream and eventually flushed out with urine by means of the kidneys.

The amount of fetal DNA fragments in the maternal blood stream is pretty small although this amount will progressively increase as the weeks of pregnancy roll on.

It makes sense however, to determine the sex of the baby as early as possible once you are set on doing this test. A baby prediction test with maternal blood can be done as early as the 9th week.

The test is extremely accurate (95%) so you can rest assured that the result will truly tell you the sex of your child. Do not try old wives tales, Drano tests, Chinese calendar or the cabbage test if you are serious about knowing the sex of the child.

A DNA test will analyse DNA in the mum’s blood sample and establish whether there are any Y chromosome there- if Y chromosomes are present in the blood, it means the baby the mother is carrying is a boy. By process of exclusion, if there is not Y chromosome in the maternal blood, the baby is a girl.

So what are the reasons for a gender prediction test?

Find out the sex of your baby a few months before birth to short list names knowing what the sex of your child is. The number of names for boys and girls is just exhausting, especially if you do not seek to be conservative and opt for names such David or Mark. Deciding on a name can take a lot of time, who knows you might love the ring of a new name you are not accustomed to hearing !

What about toys and clothes? Your maternity leave and paternity leave will give you lots time to go out and shop but wouldn’t it be delightful to share the joy as early as possible? Plus, you might want to also let family and friends know so that they can begin buying their baby gifts. Early planning means knowing the sex; the only way of accurately knowing this is by doing a baby gender test.